Tuesday, October 13, 2009

t rex motorcycle


ToBeFast.com loves the new T Rex Motorcycle by Campagna Motors. We our a Official Dealer for the T-Rex Motorcycle and have had quite a few machines on hand for testing. Our first trip was to Myrtle Beach Bike Week in a blue 2007 Kawasaki ZX-14 Fuel injected T-Rex Motorcycle http://www.tobefast.com/trex-pg-14.html . We started out from our shop in Pikeville Kentucky and Rode all the way to Myrtle Beach just in time for the big sportbike event. Everywhere we stopped in our T Rex Motorcycle people went crazy. They just don't get to see these exotic 3 wheeled machines everyday. We just could not believe all the attention our T Rex Motorcycle got at gas stations, rest stops, and food breaks along the way. Cars would pass by the whole way with their cell phones hanging out taking pictures. I have got to say the T-Rex Motorcycle by Campagna makes you feel like a rock star celebrity. After over 9 Hrs of driving to our suprise we got out of the T Rex and never even felt tired. If we had rode a sportbike for that long we would have been exhausted. Remind us to tell you about one of those silly stories at a later time, lol. So after hanging out with our clients and having a great dinner, we were ready to jump back into riding the T Rex Motorcycle along the ocean drives. Wow, what an experience I will never forget. The air coming in through the T-Rex Motorcycle, the sound of the exhaust, the illumination of the guages, cruzing down the road while looking over and seeing the ocean view. Not to mention the layed back seating positon this half sportbike half sportscar gives you while driving along. There is nothing like it on the planet. Man, I think its about time for another T Rex Motorcycle trip. To Be Continued........Stay Tuned......

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