Saturday, October 31, 2009

Graves R1


ToBeFast has recognized that Graves Exhaust has a huge following for the Graves R1. You can watch Graves R1 tearing it up at the AMA roadracing classes or at most sportbike road racing tracks around the world. With the help of the Graves Exhaust the Graves R1 has more power and performance than you can get anywhere whether you ride at the track or on the street. Want your Yamaha R1 to be fast, then you have come to the right place since is the largest supplier of Graves R1, Graves Exhaust in the World. Shop Graves Exhaust and for a limited time enjoy an Extra 5% off our lowest guaranteed prices on Graves R1 parts and accessories when you use Coupon Code McCoy5 at checkout. Don't wait take advantage of this special savings and turn your Yamaha R1 into a Graves R1 and make your friends sorry you did, since they will only being seeing the tail end of your exhaust a lot. Lets Race.

VooDoo Exhaust


ToBeFast has the all new VooDoo Exhaust for custom sportbikes. These Voodoo Exhaust are the most unique custom sportbike exhaust on the market today. If you want your street bike to look, feel, and sound custom then you have found a home at Voodoo Exhaust. Voodoo Industries the maker of showbike Voodoo Exhaust holds their exhaust chrome to one of the highest standards in the industry. VooDoo Exhausts are Cad-Designed, CNC Mandrel bent, for perfect fit and finish. All Voodoo Industries exhaust are master welded and completed with a laser etching VooDoo Exhaust logo. All voodoo exhaust are back by a l00 percent satisfaction guarantee. Shop ToBeFast for all your VooDoo Exhaust by VooDoo Industries today.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frame Sliders


Have you every thought about what if I fall over or go down on my sportbike? Here at ToBeFast we know its not if, "Its when I go down". There is not a winning road racer out there that hasn't yet experienced the high side, low side, or just dropping there bike by mistake. This is why one of the first modifications to your sportbike needs to be Frame Sliders. Here at ToBeFast we like to push the limits whether its road racing, stunting, drag racing, or just street riding. Team McCoy Motorsports first sportbike protection mod is frame sliders for that unexpected sportbike drop. Frame Sliders can save you from replacing costly fairings, case covers, paint and your stock or aftermarket parts. Here at ToBeFast we want you have the best frame sliders out there so we carry the best of the best from companies like Graves Motorsports, R&G, Evotech, Intuitive, Vortex, and Yamaha. We also carry show bike sliders in case you drop your bike from Sixty61, RSD, VooDoo, Kr Tuned, and more. ToBeFast is having an incredible blowout low price guarantee sale so now is the time to get you a set of sportbike frame sliders now. Read Reviews Frame sliders and more

Fender Eliminator Kits


If you are looking for Fender Eliminator Kits for your street bike we have got what you are looking for at ToBeFast. We have fender eliminator kits for Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda, Ducati, Triumph, and more. We have fender eliminator kits in polished, chrome, black, red, and blue in some models. We have fender eliminator prices as low as $29.99 on blowout for older sportbike makes. ToBeFast carries Top brands such as Graves Motorsports, Competition Werkes, Puig, R&G and Evotech fender eliminator kits. If you don't have a fender eliminator already you might want to check these hot styles out. Fender Eliminator kits are the first thing you need to make your street bike look good.

Hayabusa Kickstand


Are you looking for a Hayabusa Kickstand? has many Hayabusa kickstands to choose from in colors such as polished, chrome, blue, black, red, and more. We have hayabusa kickstands that are fully adjustable, long, or short for any type of Suzuki Hayabusa use on street, road race, drag race, touring, or custom show bike use. Prices start at only $79.00 for a standard hayabusa kickstand and only $129.00 for a fully adjustable hayabusa kickstand. We also have top of the line chrome hayabusa kickstands on sale at only $149.00 dollars. We carry 99-07 hayabusa kickstands and also the new 2008 and 2009 hayabusa kickstands. If you are in the market for a hayabusa kickstand or hayabusa parts look no further than We appreciate your business.

Parts Yamaha R1

PARTS YAMAHA R1 carries a wide range of parts Yamaha r1. We have parts Yamaha r1 with such top brand names as crg levers, graves exhaust, custom led tail lights, and McCoy flushmount signals.
We have more parts Yamaha r1 than you can image. Here at we make your dream bike a reality with our Parts Yamaha R1 Superstore with such products as Yamaha R1 wheels, Yamaha R1 Carbon Fiber, Yamaha R1 bar ends, Yamaha R1 Mirror covers, and don't forget Yamaha R1 grips, Yamaha R1 sliders and much more. Shop for all your parts Yamaha r1 today.

Saturday, October 24, 2009



Crg Levers are brought to you by Crg levers makes all their new components in house with a computer numerically controlled machining facility. All CRG parts are cut from solid aluminum billets. Here at Crg levers we make Crg brake levers and Crg clutch levers. We also make Crg mirrors and all all new Crg Rearsets. The newest creation at CRG Levers is Full Spectrum Roll-a-Click levers (including chrome) available at The new CRG Lever colors include Gray, Gold, Black, Red, Blue, and Green. When it comes to having the best clutch and brake levers on your sportbike CRG Levers and has got what you need.

Peformance Machine Wheels


Performance Machine wheels are now available at Performance Machine Wheels and Team McCoy Motorsports are teaming up to bring you the latest and hottest sportbike wheels on the planet. Together we are going to bring you Performance Machine Wheels that are racing inspired, with stunt inspiration and wide tire class. Performance Machine Wheels are on fire with the release of their new Factor contrast cut Stealth wheel and sportbike wheels like the roulette and torque. Team McCoy Motorsports built a bike using Performance Machine Wheels for Yamaha Motor Corporation that can be seen touring all the International Motorcycle Shows around the U.S. For More Performance Machine Wheels has you covered.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Custom Street Bikes


There is nothing like the feeling of owning a Custom Street Bike. It all starts from the time you place the first custom street bike part on your bike. Once you see how good it looks you become addicted. Some say this is a great high, because its better than drugs as their anti drug. Others say be careful for the passion will consume you and make you want more. This passion is the Lifestyle of Custom Street Bike Designs that many live, eat, and breath like Team McCoy Motorsports. Yes, we McCoy's admit it we are addicted to custom street bike building and Lifestyle. It began over 10 years ago when we hauled our custom street bikes to Daytona Beach Bike Week and ever since we wanted to be the best in the world at custom street bike building. There is nothing like the feeling of someone looking at the custom street bike you built as if it was a piece of rolling art. There is no high better than this high and its called Custom Street Bikes. Team McCoy is known as the top custom street bike builders in the U.S. at this time until challenged again in another build off. When that time comes Team McCoy Motorsports will be ready and willing to uphold that one-of-a-kind title. To see more of these radical custom street bikes go to McCoy's Magazine Features and enjoy the ride. Warning may not be suitable for addictive personality's, custom street bikes could damage your health from nocturnal nights of bike building.

Sportbike Helmets

SPORTBIKE HELMETS carries a full line of Sportbike Helmets from top brands such as Icon Helmets, Joe Rocket Helmets, HJC Helmets, and AGV Helmets. So if your looking for Sportbike Helmets either has what you need or can get it for you fast. Before your skull meets the pavement contact McCoy Motorsports for your sportbike helmets needs. Sportbike Helmets not only protect you, but can also show off your personal style. McCoy Motorsports has hundreds of sportbike helmets you can choose from. Why ride without protection when you can ride faster with the McCoy's Style.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


The King of sportbikes is definitely the Suzuki Hayabusa with its GSXR 1300 super motor. No question that the Hayabusa is the fastest of the dragbikes in the quarter mile and has the land speed record for the fastest top end in sportbike history. Not only does the Hayabusa stand out as a legend of speed, but is also one of the most comfortable long riding trip sportbikes on the planet. has recognized this sportbike as a leader and has stocked parts for the Hayabusa for all areas of riding such as dragbike racing, street riding, touring, and road racing. also has a small unique selection of McCoy Motorsports Hayabusa parts like our exclusive Hayabusa Fender Eliminator Kit. Check it out and if you have an 2008 or 2009 Hayabusa you might want to pick one up. When you ride a Hayabusa Team McCoy Motorsports and has you covered.

Yamaha R6

YAMAHA R6 has many Yamaha r6 performance parts and accessories in stock. We enjoy Yamaha performance parts and the Yamaha R6 we like for its light weight technology and quickness. has grown its McCoy Motorsports line of Yamaha R6 parts to include some of the best Yamaha R6 Exhaust, Yamaha R6 Bar Ends, Yamaha R6 Fender Eliminators, and Yamaha R6 Frame Sliders, and much more. inventory for Yamaha R6 is second to none, and has over 100 top brand name products. So if your a Yamaha R6 fan has what you need to satisfy your performance and style cravings. If your every traveling through Kentucky stop on in and let us show you our collection of Yamaha R6 parts and accessories. If your not able to make the trip no worries cause we have everything you'll need online for your Yamaha R6 at If you don't see what you are looking for give us a call at (606) 432-1556 or E-mail and we will take great care of you.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yamaha R1

Yamaha R1 is one of our specialty's here at We have a great passion for the way the Yamaha R1 looks, feels, and handles. Don't get me wrong, we like all leader sportbikes this year, but the Yamaha R1 for 2009 takes the prize. We are having tons of fun with our new Yamaha R1 with customizations. We just can't wait till we hit the road and try out the new Graves Motorsports exhaust, dynojet power commander PC5, and dynojet quick shift. This bike is amazing with all the Yamaha R1 Parts available now for that bike at We now carry more than 1000 Yamaha r1 parts and accessories. We have more than 100 top brand name products wall to wall for the new Yamaha r1. If you need Yamaha R1 parts fast has what you need or we can get it for your guaranteed. We have the lowest prices on Yamaha R1 parts so check our new website out when you get a chance.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Galfer is a leader in Galfer Brake line technology. Galfer has Galfer Brake lines, Galfer Rotors, Galfer Brake Fluid and Galfer Pads for every new sportbike on the market. Team McCoy MotorSports is sponsored by Galfer and they help with Galfer Reviews and Galfer Pictures with the custom sportbike builds. There is no better combination out there for your sportbike than Galfer, and is a test to that. Galfer Wave Rotors now come in Chrome for that custom sportbike build or as a Galfer Wave Rotor for your streetbike. If you are a track day racer you might want to try Galfer Superbike Rotors

Hotbodies Racing

Hotbodies Racing has many new products for the sportbike enthusiast. Hotbodies Racing Windscreens are a favorite and come in most all top sportbike models and colors, now carried by Hotbodies Racing is a huge part of the AMA road racing circuit and sponsors a huge number of racers with Hotbodies Racing Bodywork. Hotbodies Racing undertails complete the bodywork and give your that smooth race look while eliminating those ugly big fenders on the back on your sportbike. Also a new favorite is the Hotbodies Racing Exhaust that you can get in a rear undertail exhaust or a Moto GP Exhaust. With Hotbodies Racing and we have your covered.

Joe Rocket Manta Tank Bag

Joe Rocket Manta Tank Bag is now in stock and ready to ship at Our Joe Rocket Manta Tank Bag has many nice feactures such as wind and water resistant for those days you get caught our in the cold and rain. My favorite feature on the Joe Rocket Manta Tank Bag is the cell phone pocket with zipper so you don't have to put your cell phone in your pocket and let it rub against your leg and the tank anymore. No worries with hard to mount Motorcycle Tank Bags with the patented Magnetic mounting system from Joe Rocket Manta Tank Bag. This easy to use magnet clings on to your tank and holds almost like glue without the mesh......LOL. These Motorcycle Tank Bags come in many colors such as Black, Blue, Red, Grey, Pink, and Camo for those hunter graffics lovers out there. Joe Rocket Tank Bags are the best and you are in the right place to get them fast since stocks everytype and color made. At we really appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Joe Rocket Velocity Gloves

Joe Rocket Velocity Gloves are now available at We have the best selection of Joe Rocket Velocity Gloves in many sizes from small all the way to triple x large. We have many colors to choose from such as black, blue, red, and white. Our Joe Rocket Velocity Gloves are priced right at only $21.95 each pair. At these prices you might want to buy a couple pair while they last. Our Joe Rocket Velocity Gloves have reinforced knuckles with a pre-curved design. Vented Finger protectors are also a feature of our Joe Rocket Velocity Gloves. These gloves also have washable synthetic palms for long lasting protection. Try Joe Rocket Velocity Gloves at today, backed by our low price guarantee.

EFX Headlight Mesh

EFX Headlight Mesh

Lockhart Phillips EFX headlight mesh is perfect for those sportbike track days to cover your headlights. This protects your headlights from shattering on the track surface if you get into a crash. Most track days require a protective film on the headlights for competition. Now you can have a much cleaner and better looking way with Lockhart Phillips EFX Headlight Mesh for your sportbike. EFX Headlight mesh comes in black headlight mesh, green, blue, red, silver, white, and yellow. EFX Headlight Mesh allows light to pass through your sportbike lenses while covering them. Now you can get a sheet of EFX headlight mesh for less than $21.00 a sheet. The best headlight mesh for your sportbike or your money back guaranteed by

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Custom Led Tail Lights

Custom Led Tail Lights has Custom Led Tail Lights in Stock. We have the largest selection of custom led lights for Motorcycles. Buy Custom Led Tail Lights for Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, Triumph, Sportbikes and Cruisers. From Integrated Tail Lights to flasher relays and 194 bulbs has your covered for all your custom led lights needs. Custom Led Tail Lights are backed up with a 2 year warranty from any defects or Leds going out. We also have a McCoy low price Guarantee and will beat any advertised price on Custom Led Lights.

Graves Exhaust


McCoy MotorSports has a passion for the sound you get out of your Yamaha R1 with a Graves Exhaust. Graves Exhaust for the 2009 Yamaha R1 is about as good as you can get when it comes to your Yamaha r1 parts. Graves Motorsports and has been a leader in Yamaha R1 Parts since 1999. We strive to give your Yamaha R1 the tools it needs to take you where you want to go, and get there fast. Graves Exhaust is one of the most power improving R1 parts mods you can do for your sportbike. Tuned with a Power Commander your 2009 Yamaha R1 Graves Exhaust gives you an extra 10 plus horsepower gain. Graves Motorsports has included a dyno chart to see the results from a stock Yamaha r1 and a Graves Exhaust equipped Yamaha R1. So what are you waiting for get out and enjoy your Yamaha R1 with a Graves Exhaust. Use Code McCoy5 to get an extra 5% off an Graves Exhaust at Checkout. Ride Fast and Ride Safe and get the most out of your R1 parts with Graves Motorsports and

t rex motorcycle

T REX MOTORCYCLE loves the new T Rex Motorcycle by Campagna Motors. We our a Official Dealer for the T-Rex Motorcycle and have had quite a few machines on hand for testing. Our first trip was to Myrtle Beach Bike Week in a blue 2007 Kawasaki ZX-14 Fuel injected T-Rex Motorcycle . We started out from our shop in Pikeville Kentucky and Rode all the way to Myrtle Beach just in time for the big sportbike event. Everywhere we stopped in our T Rex Motorcycle people went crazy. They just don't get to see these exotic 3 wheeled machines everyday. We just could not believe all the attention our T Rex Motorcycle got at gas stations, rest stops, and food breaks along the way. Cars would pass by the whole way with their cell phones hanging out taking pictures. I have got to say the T-Rex Motorcycle by Campagna makes you feel like a rock star celebrity. After over 9 Hrs of driving to our suprise we got out of the T Rex and never even felt tired. If we had rode a sportbike for that long we would have been exhausted. Remind us to tell you about one of those silly stories at a later time, lol. So after hanging out with our clients and having a great dinner, we were ready to jump back into riding the T Rex Motorcycle along the ocean drives. Wow, what an experience I will never forget. The air coming in through the T-Rex Motorcycle, the sound of the exhaust, the illumination of the guages, cruzing down the road while looking over and seeing the ocean view. Not to mention the layed back seating positon this half sportbike half sportscar gives you while driving along. There is nothing like it on the planet. Man, I think its about time for another T Rex Motorcycle trip. To Be Continued........Stay Tuned......

Hayabusa Turbo Kits

Hayabusa Turbo Kits

Its the most perfect time to park your bike for the fall months and do a Hayabusa turbo kit build. Team McCoy Motorsports carries all the latest turbo kits from companies like Velocity Racing with the best sportbike performance for your buck. Our Velocity Racing Hayabusa turbo kits has got to be one of the best from the best in the industry. When you need sportbike performance you have come to the right place Even our website name has Performance written all over it. We carry Turbo Kits for all top sportbikes. If you don't see what you need just let us know and most the time we can get it for you. Thanks for checking us out and ride safe.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Joyner Buggies by McCoy MotorSports

Joyner Buggies USA is available here at with a huge inventory of parts and accessories. Joyner Buggies is another huge part of the Off-Road Promotions. This is a local hobby that most all the staff at McCoy MotorSports enjoy on the weekends. We like to take our Joyner Troopers riding in the mountains to rock crawl the incredible places such as Harlon County Trails, Hatfield and McCoy Trail Systems, and the local Elkhorn City UTV Trails. Our shop Joyner Trooper is fully loaded with king shocks, Joyner Trooper Power Steering, tool box, a safari spare tire rack, and a Joyner Trooper Full Cab Kit. With our Joyner Trooper Cab way we can stay up in the mountains for as late as we like rock crawling or Rally Racing. We also like to take along our camping gear to stay for a weekend to make the most out of our trip. Joyner Buggies has the strongest built side by sides and UTVs in the Powersports business. Its time for you to check them out and maybe go for a ride with us.