Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hayabusa Kickstand


Are you looking for a Hayabusa Kickstand? ToBeFast.com has many Hayabusa kickstands to choose from in colors such as polished, chrome, blue, black, red, and more. We have hayabusa kickstands http://www.tobefast.com/kickstands-c-63477-f-64108.html that are fully adjustable, long, or short for any type of Suzuki Hayabusa use on street, road race, drag race, touring, or custom show bike use. Prices start at only $79.00 for a standard hayabusa kickstand and only $129.00 for a fully adjustable hayabusa kickstand. We also have top of the line chrome hayabusa kickstands on sale at only $149.00 dollars. We carry 99-07 hayabusa kickstands and also the new 2008 and 2009 hayabusa kickstands. If you are in the market for a hayabusa kickstand or hayabusa parts look no further than ToBeFast.com. We appreciate your business.

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