Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Frame Sliders


Have you every thought about what if I fall over or go down on my sportbike? Here at ToBeFast we know its not if, "Its when I go down". There is not a winning road racer out there that hasn't yet experienced the high side, low side, or just dropping there bike by mistake. This is why one of the first modifications to your sportbike needs to be Frame Sliders. Here at ToBeFast we like to push the limits whether its road racing, stunting, drag racing, or just street riding. Team McCoy Motorsports first sportbike protection mod is frame sliders http://www.tobefast.com/frame-sliders-c-63550.html for that unexpected sportbike drop. Frame Sliders can save you from replacing costly fairings, case covers, paint and your stock or aftermarket parts. Here at ToBeFast we want you have the best frame sliders out there so we carry the best of the best from companies like Graves Motorsports, R&G, Evotech, Intuitive, Vortex, and Yamaha. We also carry show bike sliders in case you drop your bike from Sixty61, RSD, VooDoo, Kr Tuned, and more. ToBeFast is having an incredible blowout low price guarantee sale so now is the time to get you a set of sportbike frame sliders now. Read Reviews Frame sliders and more http://www.tobefast.com/.

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