Friday, October 9, 2009

Brembo R1 Performance Rotors

Brembo Yamaha R1 Performance Rotors are now available at Shop our website for the top quality Brembo products such as Yamaha r1 performance brake rotors. We have what you need when it comes to your Yamaha r1 braking needs.

Brembo Yamaha R1 Performance Brake Features:
Yamaha Brembo round rotor will maintain performance and consistency during intense use.
Yamaha R1 Performance rotors are designed after major use to reduce the inertia and weight of your sportbike. Yamaha R1 Brembo has larger drill hole pattern in order to clean and get the pads more race ready with a 5.5mm thickness. Our Brembo Yamaha r1 performance kit includes instruction manual with all information about fittings, bleeding that is required, and maintenance. Packaging to your door for your Brembo r1 performance rotors have foam padding to help from damage. can take care of all your Brembo braking needs.

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