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McCoy Motorsports - Shop Talk

Custom Sportbike Industry Leaders McCoy Motorsports - Shop Talk (Article from Summer 2007)

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"We have a really strong family team at McCoy Motorsports". Aside from the executive Tream of Jerry McCoy, Mike McCoy, and Shane McCoy, you can find Nancy, Heather and Brandi working in the background. Heading the Website Development Department is Chad Adkins, Our Floor Manager Bart Davis heads up the sales team along with Nick Bevins, while over in our shipping department Casey "Yogi" Rowe and Matthew Crum keep everything flowing smoothly. John Worrix is the Warehouse Manager that makes sure to keep everything fully stocked in the warehouse! And if you need anything dealing with Joyners & Other Side By Side vehicles Art Lain & Megan McCoy has got your covered!

With the 2007 sportbike season in full swing, the staff at McCoy Motorsports is extremely busy. Some new Yamaha R1's, and Yamaha R6;s just rolled into that shop and the McCoy Boys are ready to get to work immediately. We've had our hands in a ton of product development for the new bike, MCarbon carbon-fiber pieces, custom integrated taillights and Custom One-Off Swingarms, just to name a few.

We worked with Cyko Racing's Larry Brown to develop the "Phoenix" 3-D billet rims on our twin-turbo 'Busa. Because of the huge success and feedback we got from those, a new wheel has been designed called the "Insane Shane." It's a 3-D spin-off of the Phoenix, but with a twist.

Our new project R1 build will have some crazy custom parts, and Randy "Pops" McCoy and Jerry McCoy have been developing new concepts for it. So far we have a sweet design planned and are going to give it to Gator Customs to get loose on.

There's been some really exciting stuff going on involving apparel over the last few months, too. We teamed up with Komodo to develop custom McCoy Motorsports race suits and team jackets. They turned out incredibly nice, and the staff at Komodo made it really easy for us to have our own line of branded gear. All of the Komodo stuff (along with McCoy apparel) is now available to customers and dealers on our Web site.

We're looking forward to the Metric Revolution Biker Build Off
debut on ESPN2 coming soon, and we're also pumped to be at nearly every major show this year. Our most exciting event, however, is our
Deals Gap Convention in June. If you've got a Yamaha sportbike, you need to be there!

We appreciate all the support of our friends, family and customers.

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