Friday, March 20, 2009

"Insane" Custom Yamaha R1 (FOR SALE)

PRICED TO SALE $69,999.00

Insane Shane Custom Yamaha R1

McCoy Motorsports 2007 Yamaha YZF-R1 Insane bike. The Team at McCoy Motorsports has done it again with another Insane custom Showbike, This bike is so Insane that it has came to be known as the "Insane Shane". The brain child of Shane McCoy this the life after the Spider Bike (another very popular bike built by This bike is scheduled to be featured in a number of biker magazines in the near future!

Check out the Insane Yamaha R1 Picture Gallery; McCoy Custom Insane Yamaha R1

For more pictures, information, or videos contact We will take care of all your Custom Bike needs.

  • Delivery is available in more than 48 states.
  • Bike Retails for over $125,000
  • Taking all serious offers

Custom Yamaha R1 with Yamaha

Custom Yamaha R1 closeup of paintjob

Custom Yamaha R1 front view

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