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Team McCoy MotorSports Deals Gap R1/R6 Ride Pictures:

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Performance Machine is one of the industries leading manufacturing company for after market custom motorcycle parts, sportbike wheels, motorcycle wheels, specializing in Custom Wheels, Brakes, and controls. PM is a household name to serious bikers, who are knowledgeable about premium motorcycle custom wheels. McCoy Motorsports and Performance Machine knows that keeping a stronghold on the latest custom wheels is a wild ride. "In this business, you have to be innovative every day," with Performance 120, wheels 190 wheels, 240 wheels, 300 wheels, 330 wheels, 360 wheels, and beyond owner Nancy Sands says. Maintaining the cutting edge Performance Machine believes to maintaining quality, PM brand has to be cutting-edge technology, like a state-of-the-art Computer Numerically Controlled machine shop, which combines milling and lathing. Here at Performance Machine we have a machine the size of a large living room, unfinished metal goes in one end and a complete wheel comes out the other. PM is proud of their custom forged aluminum wheels, contrast style wheels, whose swirling patterns are sculpted into the metal. At Performance Machine Designs and materials constantly change as cycle makers roll out new models each year, so it takes creative energy, manufacturing muscle and continual retooling to provide the best Performance Machine Parts money can buy. offers the complete line of Sportbike Wheels with all the Performance Machine products, parts, calibers, and much more!
  • Peformance Machine Yamaha R1 Wheels

  • Peformance Machine Yamaha R6 Wheels

  • Perfomance Machine Hayabusa Wheels

  • Peformance Machine GSX-R 1000 Wheels

  • Peformance Machine GSX-R 750 Wheels

  • Peformance Machine GSX-R 600 Wheels

  • Peformance Machine CBR 1000 Wheels

  • Peformance Machine CBR 600 Wheels

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  • Peformance Machine Truimp Wheels

  • Peformance Machine Wheels Sizes 120,190,240,300,330,360 up to Wide Tire Wheel Kits

Peformance Machine Products Listings:

Performance Machine Judge Street Motorcycle Rear Wheel

Performance Machine Domino Street Motorcycle Front Wheel Link:

Performance Machine Roulette Street Motorcycle Rear Wheel 240 Link:

Performance Machine Torque Street Motorcycle Rear Wheel 300 Link: Low Price Guarantee on Performance Machine Wheels:

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2009 Yamaha R1 Custom Led Tail Light

Custom LED Yamaha R1 2009 Blaster-X Integrated LED Tail Light Complete Unit

Team McCoy MotorSports brings to you the High Performance Integrated LED Tail Light by Custom Led. This Custom Led Tail Light product features Custom LED's proprietary and patented Blaster-X, Brake Alert and Strobe Mode! With this Top piece from Custom LED, your turn signals are built right into the tail light! With Custom Led, It's the best fender eliminator money can buy. Custom LED is a pioneer in the art and science of LED tail light integration. Do not waste your money on cheap imitations and half hearted solutions. Do it right from the start with Custom LED. Here at Custom Led our products are designed, manufactured and assembled at Custom LED in house facility right here in the USA. You will notice a significant difference in quality, performance, and features with Custom LED Yamaha R1 Tail Light. This Yamaha r1 Tail Light installs into your bike with a Plug N Play Complete Tail Light assembly and harness replacing the factory tail light and lens. We always have very detailed Instructions included with every purchase.

Custom Led Tail Light For Yamaha R1 Highlights by

  • Features our Microprocessor based Blaster-X Technology with Brake Alert and Strobe Mode built in!

  • New Programming Interface allows users to easily customize features!

  • New Sure-Blink Technology

  • Recommended accessory: ELFR-1 Flasher Relay

  • This unit is Made in the USA! :)

  • Custom Led comes with a 2-year Warranty!

  • Custom LED units are In-Stock currently and will ship within 24 hours of order. Thank you for your business.

  • This Custom Led Yamaha R1 Intergrated Tail Light is an ultra-high intensity, high-performance Integrated LED Tail Light for the 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1.

  • This product is designed to directly replace the complete tail light of the 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 OEM tail light.

  • The Custom LED 2009 Yamaha YZF-R1 Integrated LED Tail Light now features the latest version of our proprietary and patented Blaster-X technology with Brake Alert and Strobe Mode!

  • With this product, your turn signals are built right into the tail light! It's the best fender eliminator money can buy.

  • Brake Alert automatically provides three quick pulses of light the instant the brakes are applied. This alerts motorists the instant you apply the brakes - possibly saving seconds of reaction time for non alert motorists!

  • Strobe Mode is a feature that puts the taillight into a devastating strobe cycle that is sure to get anyone's attention. This mode produces insanely bright pulses of light at ultra high frequencies, in alternating patterns across the tail light. Strobe mode is engaged by grounding a control wire, and can be engaged at any time.

  • Blaster-X is our proprietary pulse-width-modulation (PWM) technology that squeezes the maximum possible illumination power out of LEDs. The result is a significantly less expensive, yet even more outstanding and effective product than it's predecessors - and widens our advantage over our competitors.

  • NEW! This product also marks the introduction of our NEW Programming Interface which allows users to easily customize features of the tail light! The customizable features menu allows users to:

1) Enable or Disable the Startup Sequence.
2) Set the number of pulses in the Brake Alert feature (can set to zero to disable Brake Alert).
3) Adjust the running light brightness within a preset range
4) Adjust the brake light brightness within a preset range
5) Engage Demo Mode, where the tail light cycles through all functions automatically and repeatedly!
6) Reset factory defaults This programming interface is accessed very simply through the Strobe Mode control wire!

  • The interface is designed to receive input simply by providing ground pulses to the strobe mode control wire.

  • No special equipment is necessary to access and utilize the programming interface!

  • Detailed programming instructions will ship with every unit. NEW!

  • And last but not least, our Sure-Blink Technology. Our Custom Led Integrated Tail Lights are designed to follow the turn signal commands of the motorcycles flasher relay. This insures it is compatible with all after market and OEM flasher relays - especially programmable relays such as our ELFR-P. However, in the event that the tail light receives a command to blink that does not break (blink) within a preset time period, the tail light will automatically blink that side. This feature is most useful in preventing common no-blink problems that are associated with retrofitting motorcycles to LEDs. Also, in keeping with this effort, we have also built in our ever popular Stage I Load Equalizers into this tail light! This high performance Custom Led Integrated tail light utilizes 32 Ultra Bright Red LEDs and 32 Ultra Bright Yellow LEDs - compared to only 21 red LEDs on the stock circuit board! These LEDs effectively handle the functions of: Running Light (red), Brake Light (red) and Turn Signals (amber) - all within the tail light housing! Just as on the other Custom LED Integrated LED Tail Light models, the system is designed so that the red LEDs turn off (on the turn side) when the yellow LEDs come on, so that the turn indication is a pure and distinguishable yellow light. The Custom Led unit automatically flashes between the red and yellow on the side you're turning! The Yellow LEDs are slightly offset as well, creating a dramatic attention grabbing effect. The engineering is solid and dependable, the looks are unbeatable, and the brightness is incredible! Don't waste your time with half hearted solutions, do it the right way from the start, with Custom LED.

  • Click here to download the installation instructions in Adobe PDF format.

Custom Led 2009 Yamaha R1 Tail Light Link for more information and customer reviews:

Complete Line of Custom Led Products for Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda, Ducati, Truimph, for Sportbikes, Cruisers, and Off-Road

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